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Reputation of the explanation and how to create a link

Link popularity is one of the most influential factors in determining how your website will appear in the rankings of search engines. Popularity of a website link is calculated based on the number and most importantly, the quality of links pointing to your website.

Link Popularity History

For a better understanding of link popularity it is useful to know why it has become very important for rankings in search engines. In the past, the web page ranking is determined, among other factors, the number of occurrences of the keyword "in the IE page elements in page text, meta tags, title tags.

When he learned that Web developers can fool the search engines to find web pages by filling out keywords on your pages search engines have a little smarter. They use on page elements to determine relevance so naturally that the issues that are outside the direct control of the creator of the website of IE "page element." Search engines make the assumption that the more links from other sites pointing to your website, the most popular sites and therefore more quality web resources. It works well in theory but in practice it was also for abuse.

The website owners found many ways to get links to their sites an example of the use of link farms, pages that contain no more than a collection of links, tormented by the number of links so that search engines use the old adage "quality not quantity" and begin to define the quality factor of each link pointing to your website. Now, websites that have more high quality links were considered favorable by search engines. Link popularity building a science in itself and remains the most time and frustrating activity for search engine optimization.

Class Link

Note: The following example is Sitea SITEB our website and is an external site (like a web site with a different domain name Site).

Incoming links:

Inbound links to Web sites are links that originate outside the site. An example would be a link on the page referred to in site SITEB.

(----- Sitea SITEB

Outbound Links:

Links from this website are links to external Web sites. An example would be a link in the notes to the court Sitea SITEB.

-----) Sitea SITEB

There are two categories to classify the following sites:

Reciprocal links:

Examples of reciprocal links when the links Site Links Site SITEB SITEB And, the link is reciprocated by both parties.

-----) Sitea SITEB


(----- Sitea SITEB

To achieve a high link popularity to build a type of bond is a form of incoming links. This simulates how natural links are created ie links that people create a link to your website because they feel worthy link.

For output links is reasonable to assume that it could lose the popularity of a website, but not true. You do not give you the link popularity when you link to another site. Do not add your link popularity though.

Reciprocal links add your link popularity if the web site link exchange with a greater link popularity of your site. But not as powerful as the arrival of links to quite artificial in nature ie most probably created by communication between the owner of the site.

How to build link popularity

So clearly, to help build a popular incoming links, the links must be created in a single direction. This can be accomplished in a number of different (and more importantly, legal) ways:


The directories are ordered lists of links on the Web. Many, many directories exist and vary in their methods of getting your link posted on them. They provide a great source of quality finish, one of bilateral ties. Get a list of directories like DMOZ or Yahoo can be more beneficial for your link popularity of a bunch of links from small, newer directories.

Great site content:

The most powerful means for the arrival of a link where the content is great that other sites will want to link. This allows you to get links from other sites other than directories, which will undoubtedly be better. The best thing about this is that it requires communication from you, it happens naturally. If your site has poor content then others can not link the site including the directory. Most of today's Top websites reached the top by the amazing content. Some interesting and informative articles for your website is a good way to get that type of link.

Email for website owners:

If you find a list of links to other websites as a link directory on a Web page, it does not hurt to write the site owner a polite email requesting a link to your site pages. You can request a reciprocal link back, but sometimes it can and get a quality finish, one way links for your business. I have many connections in the past with this method. In an email I always ask to visit my site first before making a decision to connect and personalize each email with a comment or two on your site.


The best and most effective way to improve your job search engine ranking to improve link popularity of your website. This can be achieved by getting more of approximation, a link so you can from quality sites such as directories. Another way to get this relationship has excellent content of your website and get a link to your site from other websites.

Link popularity is increasing the time and sometimes frustrating process, but definitely worth the time and effort when you see a dramatic increase in traffic.


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