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U.S. Day of Rage planned for Saturday — an Arab Spring in America?

Thousands of people by other side of the country is planning to converge on Wall Street this Saturday in order to protest l' America “corrupts the process democratic „and l' use of corporative money in the American elections. In a signal of the head to the nomenclature of the Arabic motivating force, the organizers are calling it the United States “the day of the temper
day of rage

. „Day Of Rafe; It is OUR America. „The AdBusters bucket of the Anti-consumerist has asked on the relative place: “He is mature American for a moment of Tahrir? „Hardly the slid month, university professor of sociology David Meyer, that politics of the protest have written “: The social movements in America, „have written a part in the section of Sunday perspective dell' starter shaft examining because the angry Americans were not protesting when the rest of the world was.

Elections will be swayed by interests opposed to those of the United States. It’s unclear how successful Saturday’s protest might be, but the movement has already gotten some backing. On Twitter, supporters rallied around the hashtags #usdor, #sept17, and #occupywallstreet. The plan to “occupy” Wall Street has already spread to plans for protests in Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Ore., and other cities. Survival Web site Off the Grid Living is worried that the protests could turn violent.

Today is the Left’s “Day of Rage”

Day of Rage

If all it goes according to the program of the left part, today it can be l' beginning of in the second place civil war dell' America. Today, the 17 September, “the day of the temper „- an appearing day of civil disobedience “does not rape „is designating to Wall Street and Capitalism like target in itself, decided from a group of left radicals? According to like reported, the similar protests moreover are planned through the world, destined in order to carry the market down and l' entire political economy dell' the west. Across the globe, a “day of rage” is planned for the following places:

#TOMALABOLSA in Madrid, Spain (Confirmed)
#OCCUPYFDSF in San Francisco, USA (Confirmed)

Here’s the US Day of Rage website. The plan is to “occupy” Wall Street and to have protests in at least 5 major U.S. cities: Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Austin, Texas. Here are some of Day of Rage’s slogans, posted on the Twitter feed of the group, Take the Square, one of the Rage’s social media planners:

“Fight market dictatorship!”
“People of the world rise up!”

Stephen Lerner, the director of the banking and finance project of the 2.2 million member Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and serves on its International Executive Board. Barack Obama has ties with both SEIU and ACORN. Although organizers of the Day of Rage say that the protests will be non-violent, when we look into the origin of the term “Day of Rage,” we find more ominous undertones.
According to The Blaze, the term “Day of Rage” finds origin in “Days of Rage,“ a violent set of riots waged in Chicago in 1969 by the Weathermen’s Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn — Chicago friends of Barack Obama’s. Ayers initially claimed that his Day of Rage would be “non-violent”. In an interview in 2001 with Chicago Mag, the remorseless Ayers were candid about the Days of Rage’s purpose, which was to “kill all the rich people. As the Weathermen marched on, smashing windows and vandalizing property through the tear-gassed streets of Chicago, nearly 300 militants were arrested and over 60 people were injured.

Day of Rage: Marxist Mob Plans to Occupy Wall Street

day of rage

The illustrations were associated to a political movement say much on that movement. Day of Rage; The day of the USA of the feeding characteristics of the gorjeo of the rage a photo of a disfigured account of dollar ten. The founders like Nazis: that is what the leftist’s think who glide to occupy Wall Street in the American experiment tomorrow. It is not as if the organizers of the mean-understanding of the day of the rage USA do not understand the meaning of the founders. The Web site of the event invokes the name of Publicc constantly, the pseudonym that Hamilton, James Madison and Juan shared Jay as the papers wrote federalists.

Organizers of the event swear up and down that the mass protest will be nonviolent in nature. The September 17 protest comes months after ACORN founder Wade Rathke wrote of an “anti-banking jihad” and SEIU operative Stephen Lerner promised to “bring down the stock market” through a campaign of disruption. Sociologist Abby Scher said she was bullish on the potential of Lerner’s plan to cause massive upheaval. At the event Saturday, organizers vow to conduct a “horizontal mesh protest” by occupying public spaces on Wall Street itself and throughout the “entire island of Manhattan.”

Echoing radical lawyer William Kunstler’s infamous observation that the police can be “an army of occupation,” the US Day of Rage website makes it clear that members of the New York Police Department are the enemy. At the Manhattan-wide protest, which will be accompanied by companion protests in Portland, OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, Texas, legal observers from the pro-communist National Lawyers Guild will be available.

According to Adbusters, the Noam Chomsky-friendly magazine that regards capitalism as a disease and consumer advertising as mental pollution, 20,000 radicals, union members, and others are expected to occupy Wall Street. “Hacktivists,” who use computers and computer networks as a means of protest to promote political ends, are also expected to participate tomorrow.

Adbusters Media Foundation of Vancouver, Canada, the nonprofit behind the “anti-consumerist” magazine, has received funding from organizations associated with radical philanthropist George Soros’s Democracy Alliance, a donor collaborative that wants to push America even farther left. The foundation has received $176,500 since 2001 from the Glaser Progress Foundation, which was created by Alliance member Rob Glaser. Glaser heads the online multimedia company Real Networks.
Tides were created by Drummond Pike, a close friend of ACORN founder Wade Rathke. George Goehl, executive director of Chicago-based National People’s Action, laid out the Left’s street protest strategy last year. He said “the banking crisis” is “the next big thing” and “the way to build a big economic justice movement in this country.”

The protest is modeled after the demonstrations that brought down the Egyptian government in February. The coalition’s leader, former ACORN spokesman David Swanson, said supporters will “shut down offices, buildings, streets, hallways, to nonviolently, strictly nonviolently resist what our government is doing.”


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