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Sexual suppression and Internet Cyber Sexual; SEX FEMALE craze Sexual suppression and sexuality

CYBER The sexual suppression of the woman is probably as old as Sex. Probably, over the emotional security, which designates authentic moral doubts for men, women, are treated, left emotional risk as discharging, and, if they follow their natural sexual Glisten related. Sexuality of women from uncomfortable outside of that marriage bed, and many trade unions, over abuse or unpleasant conditions, the prostitution, pornography, friendship, unstable relations and committed too limit.

In some cultures, as if in the Bible, Old Testament, Israel were, women are actually brought to death because of sexual expression. The emotional suppression of this desire and the behavior, only few women are so large state, sexual suppression as a personal problem, but I know of its presence, and steered by its existence. Women need love, commitment and stability in their life, and simply over the free expression of sexuality, but occasionally, either of the fate or coincidence discover them that her both experience, the infiltration. CYBER SEX which women offers Many women possessed tightened Internet pornography, sexing, Cyber; sexual meetings and chances for sexual expression likewise declining.

Women are the men in the house and the children are involved often, none of them are itself its secret Cyber Sex life. In order to avoid this pitfall Sex, I intentionally with my actual (material) name in all messages to surf but many authors and users screen names anonymous and create letters. During I the responsibility for the behavior that I to on-line, and each word, which I to write want many women also not reservedly. Cyber; Sex offers the anonymity of the women, which would be to be judged otherwise with difficulty, is marked or given up.

Perhaps is their marriage would end, if the pair knew its hidden desires. Many believe that shame avoided by anonymity, but that is only partly correct. Whether and when its sexual meetings in the Internet are discovered, is the shame than it would have been very much larger that it admits first sexual feelings to husbands, lovers and male friends had. Cyber Sex, sexual expression, without restriction, correction or shame.

Perhaps only as anonymous person’s women are still able, which experience ungezügelte sexual desire without inhibitions, without fear before the loss the man, whom they want, because of stereotypes, moral judgments’ and imposed social expectations are to think, like women and be. Freedom is intoxicatingly and addicted making habit, secret, and finally a source of the secret dishonor. CYBER SEX, which offers few women (or men) Cyber; Sex knows never a genuine Intimidate, love, an affection and a friendship to reach and leaves the woman alone and is not dependent of the fantasy to accept in the situation the reality or what the Sex with a current partner.

It denies the human dimension of sexuality, most importantly, and leaves in its attendants a Shell instead of warmth, security, love and a genuine connection between it and attentive partner. This is a dependence of Self control, independently of their deepest needs more human. It is unersättlicher craze, with the intentions and power, everything to really replace that. Craze is not a Kraft of the stagnation, is it either forward or backwards. It never stops. Without control Cyber becomes &; sexual craze after the Internet displace everything useful and with dignity its time.

It destroys the peace, weddings, meaningful relations and hope. The best solution is not to enjoy it. Proposals to the Internet craze CYBER SEX prevent
1. Form close friendships with men, and honestly, who you are. Claim any longer puritanischen you to be real do not want. Some men can be turned by your honesty, but these humans would not be ready, both sexual and emotional needs of their, in order to convince in such a way that the best men lost.
2. Memory, around sexual Intimidate with someone, which you can speak. If you feel not well speak over sexual needs, uncertainties and fears, which are chances you do not know, this man well enough, in order to enjoy the sexual behavior. Estimative confidence is very important in a sexual relationship.
3. Place into a model of the anonymous Sex slip yourselves.

Use your correct name on the line, if you think, you could in any way tried to try it. Is very difficult and unpleasant for you in the Pornographies and on-line one sexual meeting Cyber; to get taken part. Speak with a good friend, and you ask to be pulled over to the responsibility. 4. The best way, around on-line Sexsucht to prevent is, never the first place. Do not leave to curiosity or isolation, around you in deep waters of the sexual Trapping would proceed yourselves. However never see, at the foot of the temptation, and again.

Their Comments :
We aren't talking about visual pornography here as much as sexting, and cyber sex with men on the Internet. I don't want to go into exactly what that involves here, but you can probably figure it out. It is basically sex talk, and fantasy involving two people on line, sort of like an on-line version of telephone sex.
I did not mean to imply women should talk about their sexual needs to every guy they know, but we usually do get to a point in a relationship in which we discuss sex, if it lasts very long. Heterosexual men take everything as a come on, no matter what it is, and the discussion about sex usually happens the first time you have to tell them no. After that they don't generally forget about it, just because it didn't happen, in fact they get more and more persistent, or at least that is my experience. Men always know exactly where I stand, because I make it very clear, and I don't talk about my sexual needs, other than to tell them no, that I'm not interested, unless the relationship is secure and emotionally intimate enough to discuss the subject without him taking it as a come on. So, yes, you are right on both of your assertions, and thank you for providing me with the opportunity to clarify exactly what I meant.

Since I said as much as I did, I would also like to deny that being an addictions professinal makes me an expert on sexuality. My personal experience is that unless a guy is a rapist, he can handle talk about sex without losing total control, if it is done in the proper way. If he does assume discussing sex means I am "hott to trot" I can quickly convince him otherwise with my behavior, and with how I handle his assumption. As for visual pornography, in my experience, men are more visual, and women tend to be moved more by talk, the printed word, erotica writing, and sweet talk by guys to whom they are attracted. That's not to say we don't become attracted to physically attractive men, but we would usually require a lot of talk before being tempted to take it any further than the attraction level. Cyber sex is all about language, the written word, not visual pornography such as men fall victim to so often. We are wired a little differently, thus women aren't as likely (never say never) to become addicted to visual pornography, as they are to become addicted to sweet seductive talk on the Internet leading to cyber sexual activity. Hope I have made myself clearer on what type of cyber sex to which I referred, as they are very different.

I can give no details about the women I knew, who were addicted to Internet sexual behavior, other than to say one was an adolecent client who also had a drug problem. She was addicted to sexting, and trouble started when an older man was convicted for having her pictures. She had sent the picture to his grandson, but the old man (in his 80s) had it in his phone. She was referred to me for counseling. I also had a married friend in New Orleans who became so obsessed with a cyber sex relationship, she thought she was in love with the guy. She eventually left her husband, and had a cyber affair with her boss. This is real, not just something I made up. If you can't relate to it at all, you are one of the lucky ones, and prudent ones.

I've heard stories similar about men on the Internet. You don't know who you're dealing with, and its even worse if someone is sexting and sending pictures of herself to a stranger who is probably sharing it with others. My friend complained that she took this sexy picture for her husband and he wasn't even impressed with it; then later she asked me to email her cyber guy to tell him not to email since her husband was watching her email. I put one and one together, and figured out why hubby wasn't happy about the sexy picture. He probably suspected it was being sent to this cyber affair guy, and though she never admitted it, I feel quite sure it was too. Thanks for coming back and for commenting on my site. I'm glad you helped me realize some people may think I was talking about visual porn. No, this is more a woman's weakness; the other is more a male temptation.