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Descriptions*:Hi, my name is Aaron Chambers. I don't think I don't think we have met before but i was an employee at a World class communications. The reason i am writing you now is because, at this time I still have not been paid for the vacation time i earned. I am not sure who to talk to about this because i am not able to get in touch with anyone from world class communication any more. My manager was Sayda Elmore and even when i was employed there i did not have much contact with her think we spoke only 2 or 3 times and a few emails back and forth before i quit. In fact the reason i did leave was that I went to her the day after Christmas and said that i really needed some time off. And if i couldn't get any time off i would have no choice but to quit. At this point it had been years since i had vacation time and i never took any time off even for illness. She said it was to busy still to take my vacation time.I also wasn't the only one asking. Due to the timing in the purchase of world class communications and the severe staffing issues the company had, especially at the end of last year. She was unable to schedule my vacation.

She said that my vacation time would be rolled over to 2013 and i could take it in the first part of the year. I understood when she said she was still working on the staffing problem and i couldn't take it as early in as i thought. But still i was exhausted and it was extremely stressful working 40 hours there with the amount of employees we had. I was working 2 jobs and helping care for my disabled father. So i asked her if their was a human resources department or something i could go to for some personal time like a few days. I remembered something from the Stericycle orientation about being able to take personal time if we needed. She said yes thats true but sine she is the manager the final decision would come down to her and we were already under staffed as it was so she would have to say no. I am not one to complain about anything you can ask anybody at the company I was with the company over 10 years through some really hard times. And i never said a bad thing about them and agreed with every shift change and everything they wanted me to do. So i wanted to find a compromise. I asked her if she could cut my hours by half. She said she could probably get me down to 3 days a week 10 hour days.

It More hours then i wanted to work but 4 days off a week would have given me the time i needed. She said that she just had to talk to the people above her to see if it was o.k to make that change. After a few days i started calling her to see when i would be able to reduce my hours. But again she didn't answer her phone or return my voice mails. That was not out of the ordinary though, a few days later she emailed me that she had a conference call set up for that Friday january 11th to see if she could make the changes to my schedule. so i went though the next week. I wasn't able to get in touch with her at all that week and when the new schedule came out it had be on the same shift till the end of the month. so called in to my that night and told the supervisor on duty i would be quitting. Sayda emailed me asking if this was true. I replied and said yes i would be quitting and that i would talk to her on monday to ask some questions and confirm if i would receive my vacation pay. So i talked to her and she said yes i would receive the entire amount I didn't write it down but it was either 2,200 or 2,500 she had an exact figure and sounded like there would be no problem with it. So i had no reason to question it at all. I did ask her when i would receive it she said she was not sure but it would either be on the next pay period check (my final check) or it would be 2 weeks from the date i quit. Which was almost the same time because i quit at the beginning of the pay period. so i waited and when my paycheck was deposited it looked like this.
02/01/2013 0000055521 $270.51 $180.84

After this i started getting worried i called her once on the 4th and on the 5th and left messages on her voice mail just asking to follow up with me about my vacation pay.

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2/5/13 1:36 PM 8 days ago 1 minute long

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Call quality?

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2/4/13 1:11 PM 9 days ago 2 minutes long

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At this point i am getting frustrated, and suspicious that she is trying to withhold my pay even though I have no idea why she would want to do that. So at least i am logging the calls through google voice now.
i next followed up with 2 more calls on the 7th. The first one to her number again but as usual there was no answer so this time i called the old portland employee urgency line and asked an operator to actually go to her office and see if she was there. And she was and she did talk to me but just said. I received your message the other day and i have reached out to payroll. about it.

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2/7/13 11:08 AM 6 days ago 4 minutes long

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2/7/13 11:07 AM 6 days ago 1 minute long

I sent one more email to sayda and did not get a response from it yet. It's now over 27 days since i have worked there and i thought i should try to at least find somebody else to alert in case she is not relaying the messages and "reaching out to payroll" as she said. for My protection and for the companies as well. Since i am unable to reach her at this point have no choice at this point but to file a claim with the the Oregon department of wage and hour. I'm not sure if she realizes the penalties for with holding wages. I'm not sure about other states but in Oregon a company has 5 days to pay an employee that quits with no notice and for every day after that employee is compensated for 8 hours a day at the normal hourly rate up to an amount equal to what you are owed. but If payment isn't received within 12 days of notification that payment was not received that compensation can continue infinity and indefinitely until payment has finally been received in full.

So rather than continue emailing and calling a ghost that may or may not even exist i started searching the web and found you on I Would appreciate it if you can help me out at all with this expediting my payment. But mostly i just wanted to alert somebody that possibly has oversight of that company that there are serious problems in case there is somebody that would look into it if they knew there was a problem. I am honestly am concerned about the employees that are still there. i know most of them are there because they have no choice or nowhere else to go. And also i am concerned about the clients because even before i left the quality of service they got was already way way down. From what i have heard it has got much worse. To quote one operator i talked to last night "It's like watching a sinking ship and there is nothing we can do about it"

Thank you,
Aaron Chambers
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From: ddd chambers (
Sent: Mon 2/11/13 10:42 PM
Hi, i'm just following up regarding that vacation pay. my last day was the 18th so it's been 24 days since my last day and based on my conversation with you that day. i was under the understanding that it is the companies policy to pay un used vacation time upon termination. It also does say that in the employee handbook. I know that i talked to you last week and you said that you reached out to payroll but i haven't heard anything back since then so i am a little concerned about weather i will receive that pay or not since i was planning to get it. can you confirm at least that it is the company policy to be paid for un used vacation time. because if I am not going to be paid for the vacation time i earned i would like to know sooner rather than later. thank you. please get back to me as soon as you can.

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